Architecte d’intérieur: FELIX MILLORY

Entrelacs is bronze and alabaster lights & lamps, materials drawn from origins and crafted into pure, sober expressions. Entrelacs is also a family affair, 100% French creation and fabrication, genuine, affordable bronze, with the beauty of simplicity.

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French home made design & manufacturing

Founded on more than 35 years’ expertise on bespoken projects, all our work relies on a family savoir-faire, a passion for bronze and the creative arts, passed down from father to son. The Fonderie d’Art Macheret, in La Sarthe, near Le Mans, is a factory unique in its field, comprising the entire value chain, from initial creation to hand-made, finely finished, exceptional pieces. Sketches, models, machining, polishing, patination, frames and electrification are all undertaken entirely by our experienced workers.
In 2013, our company was awarded EPV status (Living Heritage Enterprise) – and we are members of the Ateliers d’Art de France.

«…Entrelacs, is the quintessence of a savoir-faire, crafted since 1982, and a passion for the material itself. Reinterpreting bronze in a simple, original and accessible manner.”…»

Yves Macheret

When he was 38, Yves Macheret took over the family foundry with his brother Paul in 2015. For a few years, he was trained by his father in the techniques of modelling, moulding, casting, carving and patina. His desire to create pure, refined lamps and to make them as accessible as possible, naturally resulted in pure, unadorned, sober designs, enhancing the material he knows so well.

Félix Millory

At only 31 years old, the Architect Felix Millory was able to establish himself in the profession quickly becoming one of the most promising of his generation.
Tinted with simplicity pushed to the extreme, he sublimes the brutality of raw materials. For Entrelacs, he designed the « Ghost » wall lamp, revealing a perfect balance between alabaster and bronze.

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Conception graphique & photographique: Camille Gentil
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